This morning, I showed up 20 minutes early to my nieces’ piano lessons. 

My newly-braced niece flashed her grill at me and said, “Did you bring us donuts?”

I had actually thought about stopping for donuts, but some Saturdays, my sister or brother-in-law surprises them with that treat and I didn’t want to show up with more. 
So I asked what kind of donuts I should get, mentally recorded their orders, and headed back out the door to grab donuts. When I returned, we all settled around the table, ate and talked. It meant starting piano lessons late, but I didn’t mind.
I like being the aunt that can go pick up donuts on a whim.
As we ate, the 5 year-old niece noticed my t-shirt.
“The Avengers are on your shirt!” 
And that launched a discussion about the Avengers with all the nieces–yes, nieces–in which we debated which Avenger was dreamiest (me: Iron Man. The 11 yr-old: Hawkeye. The 5 yr-old: Hulk. The 9 yr-old offered no opinion).
A good day to be an aunt. 

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  1. They do have the coolest Aunt ever…thanks for stepping in while I'm living in Japan. bahaha!!! (I agree, though…you are the coolest Aunt.)

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