Daylight Savings Time.

I hate Daylight Savings Time.

Hate. It. 
I can’t stand how tired I will feel this whole week, how dark it will be when I leave for school in the morning (just when I was starting to enjoy a little pre-dawn light!) , and how we cling to the notion that we’re still mostly agrarian.
But at the same time…
Every time we lose that hour of sleep, I start to feel a little bit manic. 
The extra hour of daylight after school gives me the illusion that I have a little more time to be productive. The nice weather that usually follows gives me more motivation to take up running again (because by this time, I forget how much I hate it), and now that the musical is over and 4th quarter starts in one week, summer is ever-so-nigh. 
In short, I’m filled with all kinds of ideas about how I can spend my time a bit more productively. Learn Spanish, learn how to code, finish applying to a grad program, stay on top of lesson planning and grading, eat better, do more yoga.
(Oh, and next week starts March Madness, which is like my Christmas, so that’s one more thing to look forward to.)
So while I really, really, really hate how jet-lagged I’ll feel all week, there’s enough good happening to maybe balance that out.
Especially if I’m able to work in a nap or two.

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