January is the Cruelest Month.

I’m not sure T.S. Eliot knew what he was talking about when he claimed April was the cruelest month, because here on the prairie it has to be January. Nebraska right now is stuck in some strange protective snow shield. Our neighbors to the north, south, and east are getting feet of snow with its accompanying school cancellations, but we are getting nothing. Just cold, and not nearly enough wind to cancel school.

I don’t often go 10 days between blog posts, and while I’ve had some ideas (my epic failings as a teacher, the horrible weather, BYU basketball, church) nothing is sticking. 
Suffice it to say I’m still alive, still teaching, still terminally tired.
Oh but here’s a piece of exciting news: last Sunday I bought a plane ticket to this place. I’ll be there for a month. 

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