Just One More Reason I Love My Job.

My school neighbor Marya is my Mother Earth. A proponent of alternative medicines, yoga, herbs, and all things New-Agey, she is my go-to person when traditional health remedies don’t work. She’s also a fabulous dream analyst.

Earlier this week, I had a rather strange dream: I was pregnant and in labor. But there weren’t any rooms in Labor & Delivery so I was in the ER, in a room. The nurses kept giving me things: blankets, robes, a CD player, and the foot of my bed was covered in Lindt chocolate truffles. I was hooked up to an IV and no one I knew was in the room with me. But I told a nurse that I was glad I was in labor since it meant I was going to meet my $3100 deductible early.

I floated this dream to my sisters to see if they knew what it might all mean, and I got “crazy dreams run in the family” and “The truffles reference mean you and me need to go to the outlet mall and get some!”

Here’s what Marya thinks:

The labor is a symbol for anything I might birth, like a major project. The fact that I was pregnant means it’s something I’ve been working on for a while. But the ER? Well, that could mean that whatever project that has been gestating will actually happen well before I had planned.

I didn’t pay attention to the items the nurses were bringing me, but Marya was quick to point out that they were items of comfort–things that bring me peace and happiness. As soon as she said that, I felt silly not not recognizing it myself.

The deductible comment threw her, but if the project will bring any kind of monetary benefit, then it makes sense.

So what am I working on? Hard to say. The book is always on my mind. A textbook for Pop Culture has to get done sooner than later (something I’ve been saying for three years). And Saturday, the musical starts and this music is tougher than the last two years.

At any rate, it is so lovely to work with someone who is patient enough to listen to my dreams and wise enough to help me make sense of them.

Just one more reason I totally love my job.

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