Last Monday I thought about what I wanted to be different in 2014. I had finished reading a book about developing habits, as well as a couple of articles that suggested establishing routines is actually more effective than setting goals, so I thought about a typical school day and sketched out possible routines I could implement. Because honestly, my life during the week already feels pretty routinized:

  • Wake up
  • Go to work
  • Come home and, let’s be honest, often work more
  • Go to bed
  • Repeat the next day
I eat the same breakfast every day, I eat the same lunch every day, and dinners are meticulously planned out. Problem is, my already-established routines don’t provide a whole lot of meaningful leisure or accomplishment. Despite the limited time remaining in my day, (some days 3 hours, some days 5) I created new routines for nearly every hour.
Read that last sentence again, and then laugh. Loudly. 
Because today I realized that much routine simply is not sustainable. Not for me. Not when I have deadline week that keeps me at school until 8 pm once a week, or musical rehearsals starting any day now, or those moments when I decide to see a movie or go out after school with friends for apps and ‘zerts. 
So I’m revising the machine-like list of routines I created last Monday. That’s not to say I’m maintaining the status quo, because improving or stretching oneself if always a good idea. But working within my already pretty well-established routines, I can commit to using the time available to me a little better. So that’s where I’ll start.
First up? Movie mondays. I have dozens of DVDs that I rarely watch, and I like order, so I’m starting with the beginning of the alphabet and working my way through my collection (though movies in box sets will be a separate foray). I’ll probably write short blogs about the films as well, if for no other reason than it means I’ll blog at least once a week.
Tonight I watched About A Boy, which I hadn’t seen in forever. I love this movie, because it’s about people needing each other to live a full life. Plus it has Hugh Grant, and I have a feeling that as I work my way through my DVDs, he’s going to reappear. 
As for the other routines? They involve writing more, using my time at school better, and–gasp–getting up earlier. My hope is that by really focusing on a couple of new routines, some of my grander goals will actually be realized. 

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