What My Pulled Tooth Taught Me.

It’s been a week since my tooth was pulled, and aside from one Tarantino moment about an hour after the pull, I’ve done okay. No dry socket, no bleeding, no complete starvation. And I’ve learned a couple of handy lessons.

1. My hypoglycemia is real. After not eating much last Monday, I woke up Tuesday feeling sicker than I have in a loooooong time. Almost passed out a couple of times. Thinking was relatively irrational. But I couldn’t eat what I normally ate for breakfast. In a moment of clarity as I drove to school, a thought: apple juice. You need apple juice. Apple juice has a ton of sugar and carbs. Apple juice is your salvation. And sure enough, after I drank a bottle of apple juice, I was back to normal.

2. I need vegetables. From Monday until Saturday, the only veggie I ate was mashed potatoes, and I started to feel it around Thursday. So Saturday night I roasted some baby carrots to soften then up enough to blend them and mix in with my mashed potatoes. Then I started adding spinach to my fruit smoothies. Why I didn’t think of that Tuesday is beyond me.

3. Roasting baby carrots doesn’t make them soft enough to puree.

4. I don’t need as much lip gloss as I think I do. Since I can’t drink through a straw, I’m sticking to a basic lip balm, and not using as much of that even. And I’ve been just fine.

5. I don’t drink as much water as I think I do. Not drinking out of my water bottle and using cups instead, I’m drinking way more water than usual. Which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but it also opened my eyes to how much I underestimate my water intake.

Now I just need everything to heal up enough to where I can brush my teeth with reckless abandon again, and I’ll be happy.

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