Vets and School.

Of course today I’m grateful for veterans–my people have been serving in the military since the American Revolution. Yay veterans. I love you. Especially the one I call dad.

But today I’m also quite grateful for my job, and not in the “yeah it gives me money” way. No, I’m grateful for the conversation I had with a student who is struggling with so much, because it reminded me that at the end of the day, the content I teach really isn’t all that important, the kids are. I’m grateful for my newspaper staff that makes me laugh more often than they make me crazy, and I’m grateful that two classes of students completely indulged the crazy iPad adventure we went on today, even though it totally crashed and burned. And then I’m grateful that at 7 a.m. Japan time, my nephew called me to double check the concept of metaphor.

Do you remember when I thought for sure I was never going to teach again? Can you even imagine that possibility now?

Neither can I.

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