Last year, I wrote my gratitude posts over on my school blog. I’m sure I can find things to be grateful for at school this year as well, but I’m returning to my more inclusive ways for finding anything in my life to be grateful for.

Today I’m grateful for dental insurance. See, I lost a crown this week.

I’ll spare you the details, except for these:

  • Apparently my body knew my crowned tooth was damaged and gave it a version of a root canal. Didn’t know my body could do that.
  • Apparently, the tooth in question is so close to my sinus cavity that if my dentist opted for a root canal, he’d have to actually be extra careful to not knick the bones of my sinuses.
  • Apparently, I get to have the offending tooth pulled.

I’m nervous about the tooth-pulling because when I had my wisdom teeth pulled, the aftermath was such that I do not remember two weeks of my life.


I’m grateful for dental insurance that is good enough that I’ll pay a fraction of what the tooth pull and resulting bridge will cost. I’ve been without dental insurance before, and though I was happy to be a “learning experience” for Creighton dental students, I’m glad I have the means to see a professional.

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