Fun Fact Friday

Oops…I missed posting yesterday! I went out with friends after parent-teacher conferences, and I quite literally fell into bed at 11 p.m. without posting.

Today’s Fun Fact Friday is taken from the book Coke or Pepsi Forever, which is a quiz/question book for tween girls. I just opened to random pages and picked the first question I saw. So Amy and I are putting on our pre-teen alter-egos and answering questions, Teen Magazine style.

1. Coke or Pepsi forever? Coke. Diet Coke, to be exact, forever and ever amen.

2. Are you a share-your-umbrella kind of girl, or an every-girl-for-yourself kind of girl? To be honest, I’m a never-has-an-umbrella kind of girl. But if I did remember to carry an umbrella with me, I would share enough of the umbrella to protect good hair. Or an expensive bag.

3. If you could be an Olympian, what sport would you choose? When I was little, the answer would be gymnastics. Now that I’m a little more decrepit, probably archery. Not as hard on my knees and back.

4. Do mannequins give you the creeps? Only the ones with painted-on eyes and lips. I like my mannequins faceless.

5. Would you rather hike through the woods or stroll through the city? Stroll through the city, where I could hop on a bus or metro and go to Sephora.

And just because I missed Throwback Thursday, here’s some music for a gray day.

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