Sampler Saturday: Broadway

I loved many pieces of living in Utah, one of which was radio station 106.5. The first year I lived in Salt Lake, I often drove to Provo to see my sister and brother. Many times, I wouldn’t leave Provo until 7 or 8 at night, which was fine with me because I would tune in to 106.5 and listen to their Saturday night Show Tunes programming. The station played all kinds of songs from all kinds of shows, and I would belt out the ones I knew.

When I bought my new car in January, it came with a trial of XM Radio, and the first station I set was the Broadway station. My subscription has lapsed, and while I’ve enjoyed catching up on my podcasts, I miss that Broadway station.

I can’t choose a favorite musical, because I love so many. But here’s a scene from one of those favorites. I’ve seen Wicked three times now, and this is one of my favorite songs–the staging is pretty darn sweet near the end.

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