Montana Monday: Original Hipster.

At the tender age of 15, my dad came home from work and told us we would move to Montana. That move changed my life in so many ways (mostly for the better) and it forced me to really figure out who I wanted to be. Part of that journey of discovery happened through music.

I know this is hyperbole, but it felt like Great Falls, Montana had 25 country music stations and nothing else. And prior to the glory of internet radio, I had to rely on Sunday nights on MTV for my music recommendations, courtesy of a show called “120 Minutes.”

This was basically two hours of programming dedicated to what today would be called “Hipster Music.” This was the music of Britain and college radio, not the swill that was played on mainstream stations.

Basically, the next four Mondays I’ll pull one song from my Montana memories that I really really miss listening to, in most cases, because I have long since lost the cassette tapes. Even though most of the music I’ll post was published prior to my Montana move, I didn’t discover it until I lived there.

Here’s the first one. For the true Hipsters. There’s some minor language.

3 thoughts on “Montana Monday: Original Hipster.

  1. Love it. My husband just got out his Methodist coloring book. There's also a big lizard in our backyard. You're such a punk rock girl. I'll stop, but suffice it to say, The Smiths are digging this post.

  2. I wish Amy's comment had a like or a love button.

    And I am loving this whole series. Can't wait to see the next Montana Monday. (and you know which Dead Milkmen song I am hearing in my head right now…head-on collision….)

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