Sampler Saturday: Queen Velveeta

Five days in and I have absolutely no idea how to construct a unified piece of writing tonight. So I’m just going to share my irrational love of some of the cheesiest music on earth.

How do you feel about 100 Dan Fogelberg songs?

Or 67 Chicago songs?

Or 98 Mr. Big songs?!?!

(Deanne, that last one was for you. I’m not much of a Mr. Big fan.)

But seriously, you all know you’re gonna listen to at least five of these 103 Richard Marx songs.

You’re welcome. Go get your cheese on.

2 thoughts on “Sampler Saturday: Queen Velveeta

  1. I totally listened to “Hard to Say I'm Sorry.” And Mr. Big had 98 songs?!?!?! Crazy. Finally, I have no idea who Dan Fogelberg is/was. I listened to the beginning of two of his songs and I've got nothing. Crazy. Great mix for a Saturday night though; thanks for sharing!!

  2. I do not like Mr. Big. Please. And they had 98 songs? I only knew of that one song that one guy kept singing to me to try and get me to not break up with him. hahaha!!

    I'm totally going to check out that Richard Marx list. Love his stuff. Good memories.

    Can't wait to karaoke some cheese with you next year! (just spent three hours last night with some crazy friends…we will give you the Japanese karaoke experience of a lifetime)

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