What’s the best cure for writer’s block?

Forcing yourself to write. Or being peer pressured into writing.

My friend Amy and I are giving this a shot.

The biggest obstacle was trying to decide what I could possibly write about for 31 straight days. It’s not like November, when I blog what I’m grateful for, and some days I write one sentence about how I’m grateful for chocolate.

Since my satellite radio subscription runs out this weekend and I’m not about to pony up the regular price to keep access, and I’ve been missing my music, I’m spending the next 31 days writing about music. But since the writing has been dicey lately, I have a system. So here is what awaits my tens of readers the next 31 days:

Montana Mondays: In which I share the music that reminds me of high school and early college days.

Toss-Up Tuesdays: In which I write about something music-related, most likely playing the piano.

Wordless Wednesdays: In which I share my favorite classical music.

Throw-back Thursdays: In which I share and write about the music from the 1920s-1940s.

Fun Fact Friday: In which I may write about interesting music facts, or Amy and I might have a blogging exchange.

Sampler Saturday: In which I share music I like that might actually surprise you.

Sacred Sunday: In which I share Mormony music that doesn’t suck.

If you’re really paying attention, you’ll notice that October is immediately followed by November,  and December comes after that which means a possible 86 consecutive days of blogging, if I keep up with past traditions. 

I apologize in advance.

2 thoughts on “Cured?

  1. I'm so excited for October!!! And I think your daily categories are absolutely brilliant. I now have a reason to get out of bed in the morning. 😉

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