Tempting Fate.

Two days in, and I’m still feeling unsettled, especially in the mornings.  I’ve been updating iPads (each one takes 30 minutes, and I have 30, so you do the math…), I’m in new spaces, and I have yet to find a new routine that doesn’t make me feel like I’m rushing around. Even the announcements being read at a different time of day have me all discombobulated.

And I miss my upstairs friends.

(Not that my downstairs friends are inferior at all–they totally aren’t. I just miss seeing my upstairs friends every day.)

It feels like my first year of teaching all over again.


I’m really enjoying my students.

Today in Pop Culture, both classes had good discussion points about what products like iPhones and Starbucks say about consumers. My Desktop Publishing students are adapting to using the Mac OS just fine, and my Journalistic Writing students are setting up the iPads to work for them.

And of course, my Newspaper staff is back at it, getting story assignments and starting to plan interviews.

I know I’m only two days in and this is tempting eight different kinds of fate, but as nervous as I was to start this year, it’s off to a really great start. 

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