Two Monday Thoughts.

Thought 1 came to me around 11 AM while I was still in bed, reading some news articles that had built up in my Longform account:

“It is July 8, and you still have not done anything this summer. What is wrong with you?”

And then, almost as quickly, this thought:

“Didn’t a doctor tell you in April that you were suffering from stress and exhaustion and you needed to take time off? When was the last time you took legitimate time off? No moves, no traveling, no work, just nothing? In fact, have you ever taken legitimate time off?”

Three weeks from today I start back to work. And I’m finally okay with spending those three weeks the same way I’ve spent the previous seven. Because in three weeks, I’m going to need all the strength I can muster.

Thought 2 came to me as I was arguing with myself about running:

“You hate running. But you love walking and hiking and fitness classes and dancing. So why are you feeling peer pressure to do something you hate? You hate crack, and you don’t think twice about not doing crack, so why should running be any different?”

So I’m not going to try to run anymore (not that I have recently…was just feeling guilty for not…). I have a year-long pass to this,  I have access to miles of free trails, and plenty of in-home dance or class options.

These are good Monday thoughts to have.

2 thoughts on “Two Monday Thoughts.

  1. I LOVE this! I'm with you…why do we all of sudden all feel this pressure to quantify our fitness with running? You have no idea how many people are in my Spinning classes after ruining their knees from running. Just sayin'.

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