A Change Will Do Me Good.

Last week, I had an episode.

So I’ve been “managing” my stress and exhaustion this past week. Bed by 9 (10:00 twice), sleeping in until 6, not taking any work home.

It’s a major lifestyle change for me. The weeks leading up the the “episode,” I’d been staying up until 11 or later, up by 5:45, lugging work home, barely functioning as I tried in vain to recover from a nasty cold.

But it’s a lifestyle change I think I could get used to. Today, I came home, turned on the Braves game, caught up on social media, did a little bit of writing for a blogging class I’m taking, and I’m feeling pretty relaxed. Today is actually the best I’ve felt since the ER doctor suggested I sleep more and work less. So something must be working.

Only a month remains in this school year, and as usual, I’m amazed at how fast it flew by me. I’m officially not teaching any English classes next year, which will bring about a different kind of stress and expectation, but will ultimately be a good thing for both me and the journalism program.

Change is good, as much as I don’t like it, and as hard as it is. It’s hard to be in bed so early, it’s hard to get to school a little later, and it’s hard to not work at home (though it is getting easier to not work at home).

Summer will be here before I know it, and though I do have quite a bit of work to do, I’ll still be able to get much-needed rest and perhaps establish new routines. Until then, it’s almost my bedtime. So I better get going.

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