My 10 Picture Tour

I’m late with this week’s blogging assignment, but here it is nonetheless.

This is a photo from last summer, but I love the way it turned out. This is my niece Emma. I have nine nieces and nephews, and four of them live nearby. They all love to take selfies with Aunt Julie. And as long as the lighting and angle is good, I love to keep them.

 Meet Mr. Stueve and Katie. We dressed up for “Twin Day” (though, all of us being naturally rebellious, we were triplets). Mr. Stueve advises the Yearbook and I advise the Newspaper, and we share many students on our staffs.

Last year maybe you heard about five students who stole everything from our Journalism Room. We made these T-shirts to commemorate the occasion.
And then on the one-year anniversary of the theft, on a Sunday, I dropped by the school to make sure the computers were still there.


 Sometimes our Journalism students leave notes for us on the dry-erase board.

Which is only fair after all the notes I leave for my other students on the dry erase board–these are some notes on Film History from my Pop Culture Class. I take these photos to post on the class website for students who are absent.

See these dedicated students? They came in on a Saturday at 8 AM to take a practice AP test. They rock.

I play the piano, and to help out my friend Mr. Reimer, I often play in the pit for the school musical. This year’s show was “Guys and Dolls.” Such a fun show, and it’s great to see my students do something amazing.

And finally, I make excellent cheesecakes. This is my new favorite: Lemon-Raspberry. It’s amazing.

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  1. I enjoyed your 10 picture tour! Your pictures give quite a flavor (yes, with the cheese cake for sure) of a day in the life of Ms. Rowse! Thanks for sharing!

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