Random, Sickness-Induced Thoughts.

1. On what is sure to be the first of MANY age-related crises in the next three months…in 10 years, will I still be able to teach Pop Culture? Or is there something ridiculous about a 50 year-old white spinster preaching the gospel of hip-hop?

2. In the lyrics to the Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody,” what is meant by the following: “Am I original? Am I the only one? Am I sexual?” I’m seriously flummoxed by these lyrics.

3. Can you believe that three years ago, I moved into a brand-new apartment and a week later drove to Massachusetts–by myself–for seven weeks? Stop and think about that for a second…I’m really kind of badass, is what I get from that.

4. What are the Vegas odds on me actually making it through the next two days? I’m gonna go with 100-1.

One thought on “Random, Sickness-Induced Thoughts.

  1. I am enjoying a snack and LITERALLY almost spat it out on my screen whilst chortling over your use of 'flummoxed', 'spinster', and 'badass'.

    I think you need to move to Japan. srlsy.

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