I Can Do It!

In my previous post, I mentioned that I was thinking about an extreme group fitness class. Turns out this week is “Friends and Family” Week, so I was able to tag along with a friend to tonight’s workout and see if it’s something I can do.

I felt anxious all day–I’m self-conscious in group situations, and as I talked to a friend at lunch about it, I figured one of three outcomes were possible:

  • Heart attack
  • Dislocated knee or shoulder
  • Aneurysm

My friend likes to be in the front, and she was sweet to offer to be in the back, but I didn’t want to mess with her mojo, so I trucked right on up to the front, and awaited one of those three outcomes.

“You look really uncomfortable,” she said to me before the class even started.

“Yeah, I’m a little nervous,” I replied.

I barely had my hand wraps on when it was time to get going. The 45 minute kickboxing session was intense, but not so intense that I couldn’t handle it. Also, people were so nice. Two different times when I struggled with moves and my friend was on the other side of the bag and couldn’t see me, other class members stood next to me and showed me what to do. One even said she was impressed with how fast I picked up the different moves. I’m sure my form was a joke, but I really did keep up with the class.

By the time I realized I was not going to have a heart attack, dislocate a major joint, or drop dead from an aneurysm, I let myself think some positive thoughts. Thoughts like, “I know I’m out of shape, but I must not be that out of shape since I’m not falling down or throwing up like they do on “The Biggest Loser.”

Or thoughts like, “I think I really could do this every day.”

Or thoughts like, “I wish I could get these gloves off so I can get a drink of water.”

Or thoughts like, “If this class doesn’t end in 5 minutes I’m going to lay down and let people walk on me.”

Okay, so that last one wasn’t so positive, except that it was 5 minutes before class was over and I did make it to the end.

I still haven’t completely decided, but at least I know I can do it, if I choose to. And that’s a really nice feeling.

Though I’m sure getting out of bed tomorrow will not be a nice feeling at all.

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