Snow Days

We probably should have only had one snow day, but we got two. Last week was a 3-day work week, this week was a 2-day work week.

At least the snow was Utah-y: light and fluffy and fell right off my car in minutes, as opposed to the shifts I usually have to take to clean off my car with Nebraska-y snows.

While the break has been nice, I’m also reminded of how poorly I handle no routine. Yesterday, I didn’t write, I didn’t grade, I didn’t plan lessons…no, instead I napped, cleaned out my TiVo, caught up on my Hulu queue…

But today has been better. I’ve graded a little, planned all of next week, and my next task is to make these.

One thought on “Snow Days

  1. I shall be making those pumpkin delights in the very immediate future. Also, it totally grossed me out to see the picture of her cutting the roll with her long hair brushing her hand. Pull it back…no one likes hair in their cinnamon rolls.


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