New Leaves

I’m turning over new leaves. Where is that idiom from, anyway? Once a leaf is dead, isn’t it dead forever? Turning it over doesn’t make it less dead, does it?


Here’s my new leaves.

Leaf one: sleep in until 6 AM. I am done pretending I’m a morning person, or that I like going to bed early. Yesterday morning, I missed hearing my alarm and woke up at 6:06. I was still out the door by 7 AM, and that included making my lunch that I forgot to make Sunday night. 6 AM is fine.

Leaf two: running again. Last summer when I ran all those miles and finally hit 100, I quit because it truly made no difference in my weight. Why keep doing something that I hate if my body isn’t going to change? Well, maybe I shouldn’t care so much about that aspect and instead worry about my blood pressure or cholesterol (both of which are fine, but that kind of thing can change on a dime, I’ve heard). So I hopped back on a treadmill tonight and was surprised that I could still run 1/4 mile without stopping. Now to keep up the habit in the eye of the musical hurricane I’m currently lodging in.

Leaf three: I’m thinking of having a birthday party. I’ve been so angsty about this birthday, but maybe actually celebrating that I’m still on this planet isn’t that bad of an idea.

Any party planners out there that wanna help?

3 thoughts on “New Leaves

  1. I LOVE parties!!!!! If you need help with that one, count me in. By the way, I was thinking about you and birthdays the other day. As I have always said, having a birthday is far better than the alternative (ok, I usually say better than dead). I saw a quote that said something like, celebrate your birthday well. Not everyone has that privilege. Being 40 is a privilege–trust me!! 🙂

  2. I always thought of turning over new leaves as being more like that cup game that swindlers play on the streets where you have to guess which one has the ball/coin/whatever under it. Only with the leaves, you get to keep looking under them to see what's hiding and decide if you like it or not.

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