Fresh Starts

Four years ago, I wanted to start sharing my experiences as a public high school teacher via a blog. I’d had a personal blog since 2005, a space to review movies and TV shows, a space to rant about issues in education, a space to share stories of my faith. Occasionally I would blog about what was happening in my classroom, but I needed a space dedicated to only that, untouched by all the other ramblings of my personal life.

So I started a Posterous blog. It has served me well, but the scuttlebutt on the internets regarding Posterous’s future isn’t optimistic. And I tend to be a proponent of simplifying one’s digital footprint, so I’m doing just that. One Google Account to rule them all…

Lucky for me, when Twitter bought Posterous and the rumors started flying, a brilliant man figured out how to import a Posterous blog to a Blogger platform. My hope is that by the end of the week, the past four years of posts will migrate here and by mid-February I’ll have all the labels worked out.

(If you notice, the domain is Ever since student teaching, I’m happiest with four preps. The years that I had just two preps were painfully boring.)

In the meantime, I’ll be upping my blogging game here (one less login somehow, I’m sure, will make it easier) about iPads, AP Lang and Comp, American Lit, Pop Culture, and Newspaper.


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