Sunday Twitter Roundup

Here’s the happy-haps on Twitter this week…

There might be some mild language in this clip, but it’s a good commentary on a major shortcoming in today’s youth.

I’m a major font geek.

This is how I justified staying home for two days this week. I NEVER do that.

This link is for Friday Night Lights fans only. Otherwise you will not find it as wonderful as I do.

And to balance out all the insanity from the Manti Te’o story this week (wasn’t THAT a doozy?!) is this fantastic interview with Tana Flowers, who is married to Brandon Flowers, who is the amazing front-man for the awesome band The Killers.

Oh yeah, and then there’s the return of the vlog. I may have already posted this, but I can’t remember if I did. Sick-week side effects.

For fans of the band Neon Trees, they will be on the wonderful program Audio-Files tomorrow night (Monday) at 9:30 CST on BYU-TV. Here’s the great thing about BYU-TV: you can watch it online. I’ll be watching on my Roku. Can’t wait!

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