Twin Day!

Monday in the middle of a meeting with district administrators, I felt the fever creep in. By the time I was home, I was so nauseated that even the sight of food on a TV show I was watching made me sick. Every time I emerged from my blanket on the couch, I shook with chills.

I don’t take days off, readers. I drag my sorry self into school on a regular basis fighting off all manner of disease because, well, because writing sub plans REALLY sucks.

Long story short, it took two days for me to feel well enough to even entertain going back to school, which I did today. Twin Day. We made a little journalism family picture to celebrate Twin Day:

I was not brave enough to wear jeans. Also too vain to make a ridiculous face. I really do love my job. 

And in case you’ve missed the vlog…

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