Oh, Congress.

I’ve been at school all day (and I mean ALL. DAY.) getting iPads ready to use Monday morning. It’s a rather tedious process, in which I load all apps on each iPad, one little iPad at a time. Takes about 20 minutes per iPad. 30 times. You do the math.

Though there is probably an app for that.

At any rate, I had grand visions of what I’d do while prepping the iPads–organizing, planning, reading–and instead I’ve spent a large portion of the time trolling Twitter and reading interesting stories that I find there. Two in particular have riled me up significantly, so of course, I take to the blog…because sometimes 140 characters just ain’t enough. But I’ll spare you the BYU football rant today in favor of a rant about politics.

Cory Booker. He is the wunderkind Mayor of Newark who has saved old ladies and cats from burning buildings, rescued people from rooftops, and fixed potholes with his tears. He’s a stud. I follow him on Twitter, and he’s one of the most sickeningly positive people I follow. He seems to have his wits about him, as well as a grand vision for what America can become (I know, I know, you heard all that back in 2008).

So he’s toying around with running for Senate, and today, the Democratic incumbent he’d be challenging came out as incensed–INCENSED–that Booker would do this. Ruining the party! Destroying New Jersey! How dare he?!

And in reading this story, I realized what 68% of the problem is with American politics. This incumbent that is so angry at Cory Booker, he of the angel wings and superhuman powers?


He doesn’t have a grand vision for what America can become in 15 years, because HE WON’T BE AROUND, and let’s face it, he’s probably blind at this point anyway!

But honestly, Congress at this point seems so disgustingly incestuous with 3, 4, 5, 12 term Congressmen that care more about keeping their cush gig and fancy health insurance and lifetime salaries than they do about actually DOING THEIR JOBS.

(I gotta lotta rage at Congress right now. I’m pretty much down with a benevolent dictator at this point. Isn’t that how most families work anyway?)

I’d be a pretty good benevolent dictator, doncha think? First thing to go?


My right-hand man?

Cory Booker. (Doesn’t hurt that he’s dreamy.)

One thought on “Oh, Congress.

  1. I'm hearing a Les Mis song in my brain as I read this post…something about angry men (and women if the play had been written in a different time. By a woman).

    Congress bugs. I love the thing going around the interwebs right now about how Congress should not be allowed a raise if the GDP is above 3% or something. I have no idea what that means, but I think they'd do a better job if they knew their pay depended on it. You know, LIKE THE REST OF AMERICA!!! Ugh. Preaching to the choir.

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