25 Days of Christmas: Day 9

Today’s movie isn’t really a Christmas movie, other than the last 20 minutes take place on Christmas Eve. “The Shop Around The Corner” was released in 1940, but most people have seen its 1998 equivalent “You’ve Got Mail.” Nearly identical in plot, I’d never seen the original before. And I love the original more, if for no other reason than the final line of the film is not “Don’t cry, Shopgirl.”

And as much as I love Tom Hanks, he just is nowhere near as swoon-worthy as Jimmy Stewart.

No movies the next two nights, as I’ll be at school for the Christmas concert. About every three years, the varsity choir sings Mack Wilberg’s arrangement of “I Saw Three Ships,” complete with handbells, glockenspiel, and four-hand piano accompaniment. I’m the two extra hands at the piano. So I have two 16 hour days ahead of me and no time for movies. But I’ll still have a sad song for you…

Today’s sad song? Got this from Amazon for free last year. Totally worth it.

One thought on “25 Days of Christmas: Day 9

  1. I LOVE that movie! And you are right…Tom ain't got nothin on Jimmy. Why they felt the need to remake it is beyond me. Classics like that need to be respected and left alone. My list of movies to watch this week is growing…..


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