My brother and his family are visiting from Colorado, so I decided that Sunday I was not going to do a stitch of work. That meant today was going to have to be nothing but school work.

So I made a list of what I needed to grade today to not feel guilty about taking tomorrow off, and gave myself until midnight to finish the list.

All I have left is writing a letter of recommendation and practicing the piano, though I think I’m going to bail on the piano and try to make it through one more stack of papers.

Maybe two.

I don’t like working all day on Saturdays, but today I am grateful that I had a bit of mania to power through the essays, outlines, and quizzes that had built up over the past 10 days. I made a big dent, and I still have a decent sized stack, but tomorrow will be all about my family and I won’t once think “I should be grading.”

Which is one more thing to be grateful for.

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