Sunday Twitter Roundup

A whole week without blogging? Why? Well, the Bermuda Triangle of Deadline Week, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and a gazillion things to grade completely overtook my life. But I need a break from all the grading, so here’s what was happening on Twitter this week…

It’s a good thing Ryan Lochte’s pretty.

I’m a bit of a font freak. This one is for Deanne.

There was this tweet:

And this one:

And now this week is continued Deadline Week, the last of the Apple training, and I hope, a little more balance so I’m not working nonstop over the weekend.

And P.S.: if you’re not watching “Once Upon A Time,” WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? I started it on Netflix and it’s wonderful. Though it’s doing crap for my attempts to not be a hopeless romantic.

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