I’m On A Roll…

I don’t like to just rant as a matter of habit, but seeing as how no one*** really reads this blog except for my mom and my sisters and Stueve, who cares?

Today’s rant: bodies. More specifically, how it doesn’t matter what a woman does–if she’s perceived to be an ounce overweight, then her weight becomes the story. The first time I was aware of this strange phenomenon was the 2007 Australian Open. Serena Williams used the tournament to launch a return to tennis after some injury trouble. And what did commentators focus on? Her butt. Her boobs. Her thighs. Not the fact that she WON the Australian open, but that after a brief hiatus from tennis, her body changed.

Today’s rant comes again from the Land Down Under: this time about an Olympic swimmer.

Just once, I want Erin Andrews or Michelle Tafoya to go after any NFL linebacker: “Wow, you must have put on, what, 50 pounds in the off-season? How will that impact your agility?”

I feel more irrational about this than I probably should because my own body is betraying me somewhat right now. If you scroll down a tidge and look to the right, you’ll see that since May 14, I have “run” 90 miles. I have 10 more to go before next Tuesday…a feat made a little more difficult as I’ve been fighting off a stomach ailment today.

But a rational person might think that if I’m getting that much physical activity AND gave up diet Coke AND changed my diet, I should be losing weight right and left. But I haven’t. In fact, I’ve gained weight. I went to the doctor to see if there was a medical reason, and there isn’t. I’m frustrated, because while the goal for the summer was the 100 miles, I just assumed a side benefit would be dropping a pound or two.

But what I should be focusing on is what my body could DO. I am up to running 6 minutes without stopping, taking a 2 minute walk break between runs. I’ve had no injuries. I’ve caught no colds. I feel like a rock star on my running days.

Not to mention what my MIND can do. I can write. I’m an accomplished pianist. I’m a good teacher, and a respected professional. I really do hope that at some point in my lifetime the focus shifts from what we can do instead of what we look like while doing it.

***Yesterday’s post was tweeted by CJane, and consequently, about 150 people visited my blog. Welcome to them! Hope one or two of you stick around.

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