So I keep trying to tweet my opinions about the whole Chick-Fil-A disaster but 140 characters just doesn’t cut it. So I take to my blog.

First of all, full disclosure: I. Love. Chick-Fil-A. Dedicated readers might recall my faith in its healing powers.  And the other disclosure: I really don’t see how gay marriage will destroy heterosexual marriage any more than Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, a million seasons of The Bachelor, or a 60% divorce rate will. But I’m just a bitter single woman, so what do I know?

Now. About both sides of the gay marriage debate either eating or not eating at Chick-Fil-A as a way of being political…I call shenanigans on all of you.

First of all, boycotters…you are boycotting a restaurant whose owner doesn’t like gay marriage. It’s not like he renamed the Spicy Chicken Sandwich “Man and Wife Sandwich” (hehehe that’s a little dirty) or christened the Peach Shake the “Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve Frosty Beverage.” And I’m curious–Target has often been in the news for large contributions to anti-gay marriage movements. I hope you aren’t shopping there either. And is this REALLY the way to advance your cause? To not eat tasty chicken nuggets and healing waffle fries? If you’re really serious about it, how about taking some of that energy to write letters, to seek understanding, to advance the dialogue? Saving yourself 1,370 calories from the healing nuggets, fries, and peach shake just makes you look, well, smart for saving yourself 1,370 calories.

And all ye who mobbed Chick-Fil-A today to show your love for the owner’s opinion…I get that you wanted to make the owner feel less alone. But is eating 1,370 calories today going to stop gay marriage? No. And I am of the opinion that many of the people in this camp have absolutely anti-Christian attitudes toward gays in the first place. So if you ate at Chick-Fil-A today in the name of religion, well then, how do you reconcile this little children’s song:

Jesus said love everyone/treat them kindly too
When your heart is filled with love/others will love you.

I’ve about had it in general with politics in this country, including the gay marriage brou-haha, and I’m ready to return to any one of my three Motherlands–England, Russia, or Denmark. Did you catch that? RUSSIA. I’m at the point where RUSSIA with their six-pack riddled corrupt prime-minister is looking better than what we have going on here!

As for me? I’m an equal opportunity support all corrupt corporations kinda gal. I buy gasoline in America, which is supplied by a cartel. A CARTEL. I occasionally shop at Wal-Mart, which, let’s be honest, gets most of their products from China. I am sure most of the companies I patronize and products I buy are absolutely KILLING the environment. And maybe I’m just happy to be living in my ignorance and buy tuna that kills dolphins.

But what really makes me happy?

Chicken nuggets and waffle fries.

3 thoughts on “Chicken.

  1. OH, I LOVE this!! So brilliant. My biggest beef with the gay boycott of tasty nuggets and fries (hee hee…little dirty too!) is that their beloved President Obama did not support gay marriage until AFTER Biden came out (haha) and supported it (which my conspiracy theory heritage still thinks was staged). But whatever. I thought all the people flocking to Chick-Fil-A was almost comical, though. They probably had their biggest single day take EVER.

  2. Julie, you ROCK! As usual. And did you see how high those walls are on the new building on Cornhusker? Yippee!

    Love, mom

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