Just Curious…

I do not, nor will I ever (most likely) have children. But I’m curious…are some babies born as just absolute holy terrors? I’m not talking about by the time they are toddlers or teenagers, or even when babies don’t sleep or get colic. I mean newborns. Are some newborns simply awful?

Because I’m seeing a lot of Facebook posts by new moms with something along these lines: “Here’s baby Susie, 8 lb. 4 oz. She couldn’t be any sweeter!”

Were these parents expecting to birth mouthy, attitude-ridden babies? Isn’t every newborn “the sweetest”? And why is it necessary to announce that a newborn is “sweet” if all of them are?

I want to see a Facebook status that says this: “Here’s baby Susie, 8 lb, 4 oz. We can’t wait until she moves out.” Or “Here’s baby Jonny. He’s clearly a dirtbag.”

I think Facebook is making me cranky.

3 thoughts on “Just Curious…

  1. Haha Julie, yes some newborns don't seem particularly sweet. I have met a few. In fact I wasn't too sure about Ella at first. After all the hell she put me through getting into the world she had the audacity to scream at me more angrily than any of my other babies did and then pee about a gallon on me as we met.Not a super first impression. I did not consider her particularly sweet. But within a couple of days I did and probably commented on it extensively. It's just a human response. Unconscious.Can't be helped. If it is any consolation, I have heard parents refer to their new babies as “mean” before or ponder over whether they had a “broken one”. And to be honest, Gracie really scared me at first. She was huge and hideous to look at in the first couple of weeks, she sounded like a pterodactyl when she wanted to nurse and she had a violent suck. But I got over that too and no doubt began to marvel at her sweetness 😉 (until she turned 2)


  2. Funniest thing I have read all month! Haha…can't wait till she moves out. So funny. Now I want another one just so I can annoy you by saying how sweet he/she is. ;oP


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