Nerdy Movies.

As I was scanning through my DVDs trying to figure out what to watch Friday night (I ended up with Bend it Like Beckham, a favorite), I realized I own a lot of education-themed movies.


School starts in fewer than 30 days, and if I throw in all the Harry Potter movies and a couple of Netflix options, I could watch one movie a day leading up to when the students arrive. So for the next few weeks, I’m going to rewatch some teacher-ish movies and will post reviews of them here.

It’ll be kinda like 30 Photos in July, or November Give Gratitude or any other regular blog/social network challenge, only with movies. About school.

I’m such a nerd.

And speaking of nerds…when I saw The Amazing Spider-man last week, I realized that I really am a nerd, as I actually enjoy and look forward to superhero/comic book movies, so all the times that I harass my colleagues at work for going to comic book stores and being generally nerdy, I’m actually being a big ol’ hypocrite.


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