Half Gone.

My summer is half gone.

And if I hadn’t aggravated a knee and ankle injury, I’d be halfway to my 100 mile goal today. But it’s a marathon, not a sprint, so I figured taking a couple of days to ice and stretch and rest would serve me better over the next six weeks. So I have 54 miles to go instead of 50.

I had big plans for June, and rather than hold myself to all the work I wanted to do, I essentially took the whole month off. But tomorrow is July 1, which means I start teacher meetings in 50 days, and if I don’t buckle down now, it’ll be a scary school year.

So I will spend tomorrow relaxing and making lists and mapping out a plan to accomplish all this work so I don’t turn into an irrational ball of stress once August hits.

I’m still going to watch movies, take naps, and I absolutely will keep up with the “running.” But break’s over. No more lounging around in bed until 10 AM, no more NCIS marathons, no more just goofing around with no solid plans.

It’s time to work…so that joke about teachers love teaching because of June, July and August?

Yeah, it’s really just June.

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