What Are You Reading 6/18

Lesson about reading this past week: it’s okay to abandon books. 

I tell my students this all the time, but I rarely allow myself the same luxury. After slogging through 25 pages over four days of “The 10 P.M Question,” I couldn’t figure out who the protagonist was, what the setting was, what the conflict was…the things that keep me reading a book were completely escaping me.

So I stopped reading it, and instead read Ellen Schrieber’s “Comedy Girl.” In a day and a half.

And while I’m enjoying “The Book of Awesome,” it’s not a narrative. It’s 250 pages of little writing experiences. It’s going to be a great tool for teaching writing next year–his diction in some spots is vibrant–but I don’t feel compelled to finish it in a day. I’ll finish it sometime this summer.

Read what I want. That’s supposed to be what I’m doing this summer. So this week?

I’m going to start in on Grammar Girl’s Ultimate Writing Guide for Students as I start to retool my English class.

I’ll start High Fidelity…again…and see if this time I can finish it.

And today, I started reading this book. Can’t wait to finish it.

What are you reading?


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