Target and Other Wednesday Dilemmas

Our local Target is in the midst of a remodel, and I am oh so excited for it. I stopped by today to pick up, oh, you know, anything (I have a gift card to use) and meandered over to the side of the store that will soon contain all kinds of grocery offerings. What did I find?

The cereal I eat for breakfast every morning, one dollar cheaper than at Kroger. Propel packets that I spoke of in an earlier post for 1 penny more than they are at Walmart. I’d been patronizing the Great Satan for my Propel needs as they had the lowest price. I will pay the extra penny to shop at Target.

I love Target, even though I hate shopping. But if I ever get one of those $5,000 gift cards from taking those stupid surveys at the bottom of receipts, I’m gonna have a goooooood time spending it.

And a propos of nothing, I started thinking this morning that I need a trip. I’m antsy. I’m feeling like a road trip, which I haven’t done since I went to Massachusetts two years ago. And I keep seeing ads for this event in Salt Lake (look to the right side of the page) and I spent an hour this morning figuring out how much money it would take to get me to Utah.

Believe it or not, renting a car from Omaha and driving is a little bit cheaper than flying.

So the dilemma is: do I take a quick trip to Utah for a two-hour event (and of course, see some friends while I’m there) or do I just keep my money safe?

Maybe I compromise and take a day trip somewhere in Nebraska? Kansas? Iowa?

I need to do something. Because none of my working plans are, well, working.

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