Break Time.

Wednesday was the last day for teachers, and once I finally made it home (after the most competitive kickball game I’ve ever been part of and a get-together at a friend’s house) I dumped everything I brought home from school and let it stay there for 48 hours. Same with the dishes. Same with the laundry.

I am not a slovenly human being. During the school year, my home is pretty tidy (though always dusty because I hate dusting) because I can’t take chaos after a 14 hour day. Dishes are always done before I go to bed, lunch is packed, every thing I own in its place. So the past two days were somewhat liberating for me, just letting gravity take over my housekeeping skills.

But then my Type A persona woke up from the two-day nap, and it only took about 30 minutes for me to restore order to the kitchen, dining and living rooms. That’s called mania, folks.

The bedroom is still a disaster, and I might just let it simmer for another day. I’m enjoying not doing anything. I’ve read two books. I learned the first page of Rhapsody in Blue. I watched all available episodes of “Suits” on Hulu (fun show, by the way!) I made pizza dough from scratch–and then a homemade pizza (after the kitchen was back in working condition). I was going to go for a run tonight, but then I fell asleep at 7 PM and napped for a while. Which makes up for the fact that I was up until 2 AM last night but had to wake up at 8:30 for an appointment.

All of this is an extraordinarily mundane way of saying that I am really and truly taking a break.

Just in case anyone out there didn’t think I could do it.

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