Summer Plans

Another school year is almost to a close, and with it, another start to summer where I have all kinds of goals and aspirations. I have a stack of books I want to read, two books I want to write, a journalism institute to attend, and as usual, a couple of fitness goals as well. So if you look to the right, there’s this fancy-pants widget that will track my summer mileage. I’m shooting for 100 miles by the time school starts on August 14.

Apparently you can send me motivation via that widget…so if you feel so inclined…

And please don’t judge how slow I am. And some nights (especially when it’s 1,000 degrees outside) I’ll be on a treadmill. But my hope by August 14 is that I’ll be a little bit faster and a lot stronger.

I haven’t set a fitness goal this specific in a while. Yeah, I ran a 5K  but I wasn’t really in my right mind by the time I actually ran it. And all other fitness goals have been a little vague. But this? Walk (maybe even run or jog) 100 miles in 3 months? That’s pretty specific. Think I can do it?

2 thoughts on “Summer Plans

  1. As your sassypant niece in Japan would say “That's easy-peasy!” And it's not about how fast you are, it's about finishing. Which you will, since we now have a way to harrass, er, motivate you to keep going.

    What say you to a walk along Papio Creek in a few weeks? With me, of course. :oD


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