The Perfect Antidote

It is 4th quarter, and in a year with no snow days, that means that all of us–teachers, students, probably even administrators–are more burned out than usual. I have really great students, but they are increasingly enticed and distracted by the warmer weather and the promise of summer.

Plus, it’s deadline week and one editor is competing at DECA nationals and the other editor is competing at Metro track (thank goodness for a WONDERFUL staff that picks up all kinds of slack), so I’m feeling a little more frustration and stress than usual.

But today? Today was thank you card day. The senior English teachers have their students write thank you notes to teachers in the building who impacted them for good. So when I went to the office after school, I found a couple of really, really sweet thank you cards from students.

Also in my mailbox was a message from the NSAA State Journalism director letting me know that another one of my students qualified for State Journalism next week. My mood at this point? Sky-high.

I stayed at school late working on the newspaper, hit the gym on the way home, and when I picked up my mail, I saw a letter from the journalism institute I applied for two months ago. I prepared myself for rejection, but as I unfolded the letter, I saw “Congratulations” instead. I’m heading to Austin in June to learn how to be a better newspaper adviser.

I needed this B-12 shot in the arm of goodness today to get me through the next three weeks. I have much to accomplish in the next three weeks (including keeping a positive attitude in the face of increased distraction) and today reminded me why I do what I do, and why I love it so much.

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