Student Artwork.

What’s a healthy way to deal with $40,000 worth of computer and camera equipment stolen from the journalism room?


First, one student’s suggestion for increased security of the computers. Booby traps.

Another student felt it important to respect the dearly departed. Our inventory graveyard.

So who did this dastardly deed? Who? With few leads early in the week, the only explanation:

But seriously, folks, thanks to students and the community, as well as a tireless police force, student resource officer, and deans, five boys were arrested for stealing our cameras and computers. I say “boys,” because they are young. So very young. I know three of them, and this turn of events shocks me. I’m heartbroken at their choice, and heartbroken at the reaction of their arrests.

I really do get the idea of justice and wanting restitution. But I also want to make room for mercy. I’m glad our equipment was recovered. I’m not sure I’m totally glad I know who did it.

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