The Mormon, Part II: It’s All About Him.

I’m answering a question many people have asked me: how can you be a feminista Democrat, AND a Mormon?

I do not assume my experiences are universal, nor do I speak for all feminists, Democrats, or Mormons. As my editor-in-chief taught me, “Ima do me; you do you.”

I was around 21 when I decided that I most definitely would not forsake the faith of my fathers, and while it hasn’t always been easy, there’s nothing else that brings me peace.

When I say it isn’t easy, I’m not talking about the no drinking, no sex, no smoking, no coffee existence. I’m talking about finding a way to get past the culture of the church to focus on the actual Gospel, the teachings of Jesus. 

And here’s what I see when I focus on His teachings…

Jesus valued women. After His resurrection, the first one to see him was Mary. He saved a woman from stoning and taught the sublime principle of forgiveness and not judging others. One early account of Him showing others His power to overcome death was raising Jarius’ daughter. And he taught a Samaritan woman, despite the general disdain with which the Jews viewed the Samaritans.

Jesus ministered to the poor, sick, downtrodden, and didn’t think twice about it. 

Several hundred years before Jesus, on the American continent, a man named King Benjamin taught his people to care for the poor: “to administer of your substance until him that standeth in need.” He reminded his people (and us) that we are all beggars, as we depend upon God for everything, even our breath. So who are we to deny others clothing, food, or shelter?

Are there fringe beliefs or historical events I’m not a fan of? Sure. But every time I think that being Mormon just isn’t worth it, I go back to Jesus’ goodness, and I’m reminded of what is the basis of my faith. It’s not the fringe beliefs that the media tend to focus on. The basis of my faith is He who is mighty to save. 

And though at times the culture is conflated with the faith, I just remember that He loves and saves the feminists, and the Democrats too.

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  1. Again, you rock. And thank you for teaching me a new word. Had to look it up. Now I'm not confused 🙂

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