Why I Love My Job.

This morning did not start off well. No need to go into specifics, but let’s just say that I was sufficiently riled up about things that will not matter next week.

But later in the morning, a student came into class and said, “Ms. Rowse, I realized something about the name of the country in ‘The Hunger Games…'” and he proceeded to tie in Panem (the name of the country in Suzanne Collins’ dystopia) with the concept of Bread and Circuses of Roman times. It was brilliant. And I loved hearing it.

And another student, a real musician who I had shared some of this music with, came running up to me and said, “Ms. Rowse, Ms. Rowse, GUESS WHO IS COMING TO OMAHA?!?!?”

“Death Cab?” I said.

“Yeah, they are are, but GUESS WHO ELSE?” And he flipped through his phone to find the date to tell me that Imagine Dragons was coming to Omaha. Which I knew, but I felt totally cool, that I still had the street cred to know what a cool band sounded like, and share it with a complete audiophile.

And then tonight was deadline which is always a fun time. And don’t tell my editors this, but when I think that I only have one month left with them before they graduate, I start to cry. After one year. How do I let them burrow into my heart after 36 stinkin’ weeks?

Anyway, today was just another reminder of why I really love my job. I needed that day at this point of the year.

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