Musical Madness

So the musical closed last night. We had three amazing performances (and one so-so performance), and while I am looking forward to not practicing the piano or spending a million hours at the school, I will miss the following:

  • Playing really difficult music with really talented musicians.
  • Listening to my friend and colleague rap about the pit.
  • Making gallows-humor jokes about many different aspects of the show.
  • Seeing my friend (and high school voice teacher!) on a regular basis.
  • Watching my students create something beautiful.
My friend Angie wrote this piece about the musical. Isn’t she awesome? 
It’s really difficult for me to articulate the range of emotions I felt over the past two weeks, as we put all the pieces together. So I’m not going to try right now. Besides, I’m sleepy…
It’s 7:18 PM, and I have a ton of grading to get to (and zero desire to get to it), and even though I lost an hour of sleep last night, and I’m exhausted anyway, I will still probably not fall asleep at a decent hour, only it will be even less decent tonight with the lost hour business, rendering me completely zombie-like tomorrow.
You know who knows a lot about zombies? The guy in this video.

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