Fair Warning

I will likely be absent from the blog for the next two weeks.

This week I will be at school until 9 or 10 PM every single night (including Friday–darn you, State Journalism Contest and your ridiculous means of submitting entries!)

The following week is a little less stressful, if you consider performing 4 shows as not very stressful.

And of course, I currently possess about 150 papers to grade, will get at least 50-75 more in the next two weeks, and lesson planning doesn’t go away…

I haven’t touched my book in weeks, though Stueve gave me a pass to not do anything with it for a month or so.

I’m a victim of my own choices–I could have said no to the musical. I could have paid closer attention to when papers would be coming in. So I’m partly to blame for the state of panic I’m currently in. Though I’m also going to blame politicians. They’re always good to blame.

Here’s another vlog for you…

One thought on “Fair Warning

  1. Darn politicians ruin everything! Thank goodness for archives so I can still get my fix while you are away.

    Ps. The word verification is still super annoying, but I love you so I'll continue making mulitple attempts to decipher the crap they put up until I get one right.

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