Somebody’s Getting Married….

I am one of the fortunate few in my building who have a classroom to myself during the day. Except for the very last hour of the day–a mandatory study hall for all students. I head down to the journalism room and another teacher comes into my upstairs classroom.

And occasionally that teacher leaves random papers on the desk. Most of the time, the papers are sign-out sheets or passes, so I recycle.

This morning as I cleaned my desk (I was gone yesterday and my desk was covered in papers), I came across a two page list.

Wedding plans.

A detailed to-do list for a wedding involving flowers, food, decorations, invitations, bridesmaids dresses, tuxes and the like.


Oh. In case I need to clarify, the list wasn’t mine. Mostly because at this point, my wedding to-do list would be the following:

1. Find man.
2. Drug him.
3. Apply lip gloss. Wear dress.
4. Marry him just as he’s coming back to consciousness.
5. Change into jeans.
6. Indian food for dinner. Or maybe sushi. Depends on my mood.
7. Cheesecake for dessert.

Wanna come to my wedding?

(p.s. My colleague’s list? Not really what I needed to see at 6:50 AM.)

(p.p.s.) From the post’s title, did you totally think I was the one getting married? PSYCH!)

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