I have two alarms that go off every morning. At 5:15, music starts to play. I have a remote control for that alarm, and I hit snooze on the remote until it blares again at 5:25, at which point I turn it off. Five minutes later, the alarm on my phone goes off and I hit snooze on my phone until it blares again at 5:40 and then I force myself up.

I get to school around 6:45, even though contract hours aren’t until 7:35 AM. I like to be undisturbed and acclimate to my surroundings, and I hate traffic.

But this morning, my phone’s alarm didn’t go off since I forgot to set it, and I woke up at 6:15. I was at school by 7:10–hit little traffic and still had 35 minutes before kids invaded my room.

So I’m going to experiment for the rest of the month: I’m going to split the difference and not wake up until 6 AM. I wonder if my health (physical and mental) will be better. Or if I’ll feel less stressed and weary about my days. 45 minutes might not do a whole lot of good, but then again, it just might.

One thought on “Experimentation

  1. 45 minutes will make ALL the difference. Good difference, not bad difference. Someone I live with tells me snooze buttons are the devil. I'm beginning to believe him, because the sleep one gets between snoozes is counterproductive to getting more rest. There was even some med journal schmancy article about it. SO I now have a clock with no snooze button. I just turn it off and wait for 40 minutes for the kids' alarm to go off. Bahaha!

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