Every Wednesday night I make a list of things I need to get done by the following Monday. I chip away at as much as I can on Thursday and Friday at school, and then Saturday is nonstop work for me, since I wanted to make 2012 the year of not working on Sundays.

By Wednesday of this week, my sore throat told me I needed to seriously rethink my typical weekend routine. And right now it’s 10 AM, I’m still in bed, and I know my biggest accomplishment today will be going to Pit rehearsal and stopping for some groceries before coming home to get back into bed.

I’m trying to make peace with the fact that the papers won’t be graded, the bathroom won’t get cleaned, and the laundry just might have to wait. I don’t want to plan for a sub next week, so I’m going to try and get well this weekend. And that means rest.

My brain tells me rest isn’t an option. Luckily, my body isn’t giving me much of a choice.

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