Musical Therapy

So I’m playing pit in the musical again. Playing in the pit is like what I imagine pregnancy to be: it sucks when you’re in the middle of it, but at the end you have something more beautiful than you ever imagined.

That is, if I can make it to the end.

This year’s show is “Once on This Island.” As a vocal major, I was required to attend many many concerts, including musical revue-type shows, and I remember seeing individual pieces of “Once on This Island” performed at BYU. I remember the pieces as happy and light and island-y.

This weekend I finally took the time to listen to the whole score so I could figure out my part a little easier. It’s not really happy and light and island-y, and a few of the songs just hit a little too close for me. My only hope for not dissolving into tears is that whatever teenager happens to be singing these songs is slightly sharp or flat, taking my focus away from the words of the song and placing my focus on making musical judgments.

But if my previous experiences hold true, that won’t happen, and I’ll just have to find space for a box of kleenex in my tiny pit space backstage.

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