Wasting Time

This print is hanging in my bedroom, part of the Great Apartment Redecorating Project of 2011. 

It’s been a nice break from school–and when I say break, I mean BREAK. Usually I work and work and work whenever I have time off. But not this time. I haven’t even been to my classroom–unheard of in my past ten years of teaching.

I planned on working today. I am teaching five classes this semester and each one needs a syllabus. I need to write lesson plans. I need to update my class websites. But instead sat on the couch, watched TV, and in a few minutes, I’ll head out to a birthday dinner for a friend.

I did put together one syllabus and updated the Google Calendar for that class, and I bookmarked a few articles I’ll need for other classes. But for the most part, today, I just wasted time.

But I enjoyed wasting it. And that’s all that matters.

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