Merry Christmas

This tree is my dream tree–movie themed, so adorable. It’s at the Kanesville Tabernacle in Council Bluffs, IA.

I had very little faith that I’d be able to come up with anything remotely Christmas-y to blog about today. It’s 50 degrees outside, my windows are open (baking + sunlight = 80 degree apartment), and tomorrow morning I will wake up without a tree (just couldn’t put one up this year) or presents, go to church, and wait around for my parents’ church to be done (around 3:30) before I really do any kind of celebrating.

Don’t pity me about the “no presents”–my parents’ gift arrived on Thanksgiving and I’ve been using it for the past month, and my students gave me so much chocolate earlier this week that I won’t have to buy candy until Easter. But it still just doesn’t feel very much like Christmas.

But then, as I avoided cleaning and baking and took to the interwebs, I found this treatment of Christmas movies. It’s clever and got me all jazzed to watch “A Christmas Story” tonight while I bake a couple more items.

So even though I’m not really feelin’ it, Merry Christmas.

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