I never need anything from anyone. Some would say this is why I am still single. But honestly, it’s not that I don’t need anything, it’s that I don’t want to burden people.

So while I’ve been splitting time between bed and couch the past three days, plenty of people have asked if I needed anything. And really, I haven’t. I have a good supply of Kleenex and cold medicine and plenty of food (none of which is particularly appetizing anyway). I have unlimited entertainment options and tons of blankets and pillows.

I really haven’t needed anything.

But that didn’t stop my friend Ashley from stopping at Starbucks to get me a hot chocolate and pumpkin cream cheese muffin. But she didn’t just drop it off–she sat and visited with me for a couple of minutes. It was so nice to be thought of.

Turns out I needed something after all.

Thanks, Ashley!

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